There is still hope

Summary:  Do you notice that employees don’t have the skills or abilities to success within the first 30 days? Do you say “There is still hope”? Stop making excuses.

How many times have you found yourself saying “I will give it one more chance” to an employee who in your mind you know will not work out. I come across this often, however the conversation usually is centered around unemployment insurance rates. For example: I need to let this person go but I don’t want my unemployment insurance rate to go up any more or How can I avoid more in unemployment insurance? This is understandable as with the economic downtown which started in 2008, companies have been paying higher unemployment rates. Instead of getting into the unemployment insurance question, I approach this from another angle.

When you look back at employees who aren’t working out – did you see signs within their first 30 days?

I know, I know – hindsight is always 20/20. Yes it is, but it also brings up a valuable point. If you saw the signs within the first month why did you keep working with the employee?

What I usually here is “there is still hope” I can turn them around. You have become too nice. Now, don’t take me the wrong way. I am not advocating you fire people for not being 100% within the first 30 days. Most position require more than 30 days of training before people are at 100%. I am asking you to review signs, hints, behaviors, errors, questions, etc. they give you an indication they will not work out.

Yes there is hope for the person who is willing, learning, trying and doing their best. There is not hope for the person who constantly makes excuses, doesn’t recognize their errors, or blames everyone else for their problems.

No one wants to put people out of work which makes this hard. My challenge to you, find the qualities that will help or hurt an employee within the first 30 days. You are not only doing yourself a favor but the employee as well. After all, they are not a fit for you or your company and they will be miserable.

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