Dread Annual Reviews, Skip It, & Get Surprising Results

Performance reviews, skip

Dread Annual Reviews, Skip It, & Get Surprising Results

Performance reviews, skip

Every year companies put themselves through the ritual of asking Managers to sit down with their employees and discuss the past 12 months. The ritual looks something like this.  An announcement, “It’s Performance Review time! Please complete the attached form, send to your Manager, and schedule a meeting within the next 30 days”.  3 weeks later another announcement, “Don’t forget to complete your Performance Review”. At the end of the 30 days, “Performance Reviews Due today”. Then another week later, “We still have not received your review.” Repeat this on a weekly basis until someone gives up.

Does this sound familiar?

Why do we do this year after year?

What is the benefit?

No one enjoys the annual review, the process or the discussion. WHY? No one sees or experiences any value.

What the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.  By this definition Performance Reviews are Insane!


Want results? What to have discussions with meaning? Then create a way to accomplish it. To create discussions with meaning, managers need to be having regular conversation with their team about performance (achievements and challenges), goals (business and position/career related), and how to help.  If you were to cover these items with each person once a month, you would end up with engaged employees who feel supported, know how they are doing, and will work better.

Once people become comfortable with the process, having more conversations, and are open about what is happening. They won’t wait for the monthly discussion to bring up an idea or concern. Imagine for a moment how that could transform your workplace.

Is that what you want?

Let us help you create a meaning conversation template for your managers and coach them on the process.