Are Goals a Waste of Time?

goals, plan, strategy

Are Goals a Waste of Time?

goals, plan, strategy


We are constantly being told to have goals, accomplishment or achievements to work for. If you are a business owner this may look like a business plan or a strategic document. If you are a manager, it would be revenue, service, or leadership goals.

How often do you take the time to pull out your goals and review them? At the end of the year, every quarter or more often. Are you adjusting your needs or behaviors to reach the goals? Are they still relevant?

It does seem like a lot of work to track along with everything else you have to do. Not to mention, if your employees have goals you want to be on top of that as well.

Here’s the thing – we need goals. Without them we are leaving our fate to chance. Lewis Caroll said it best “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

We need goals, to improve and drive the business forward. But how?

SMART. Ensure they are SMART. Unclear or ambiguous cause confusion or misunderstanding. Goals need to Specific, Measurable (otherwise how do you know you achieved it), Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound (yes they have to have a date). This way anyone looking at the goals knows what needs to be done by when.

Break It Down. Many times when we think of goals, we think we have to do it all at one time. Or we become overwhelmed by what needs to be done. So before you get get started, break it down. Create a step-by-step strategy with their own dates. Then you focus on the steps which will get you to the goal.

Accountability. I have to admit I do better if I know someone will check in on me – an Accountability partner. This is a person who will ask you what you want to accomplish and by when. They will check-in on you to keep you on the path. I know for myself, I don’t like saying “I didn’t do it” so I will get it done.

Adjust. There may be times when a goal is no longer relevant. For example – you were going to great marketing to a specific market and in your research you realize that it’s not a good fit. That’s ok, adjust or find a replacement.

Create a program to keep your employees on track with their goals (and it will help you with yours). Need assistance, we are here for you – call or email.