Why is your job posting not working? Marketing

marketing, recruiting

Why is your job posting not working? Marketing

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marketing, recruiting

When most people think of recruiting, it looks like this. Get the job description and post it on-line, review the resumes, lots of non-qualified people, post again, review resumes – possibly find one or two that could do the job.

Does that sound like you?

Why is this process so frustrating? Because you need to revise it with some marketing. Let’s face it, no one has read a job description and said “YES, that’s what I want to do”. Instead they read and say “I can do that” or “No I can’t do that”.

Question: Do you want employees who are excited to work with you or employees who just do the job?

If you said to the later – don’t change a thing, keep doing what are you doing.
If you want employees who are excited to work for you – put on your marketing hat.

First, let’s talk about mindset. When Pepsi or Coke want to attract consumers to buy their products the ads don’t say “Do you like bubbles in your drink with lots of sugar and is brown?” No, because who would buy that. The ads make their beverage about experiences. You need to make your job posting about the experience. Tell them what it’s like to work for you, the people they will work with and who your customers/clients are.

Second, tell them about the job and not in a “task list” way. Intertwine the skills they need with the responsibilities. For example, the job description states provide weekly sales reports to each sales representative. Instead write: Your attention to detail will provide our sales team with accurate reports about their activities. Same job, same responsibilities, which one are you more interested in?

Lastly, write for your ideal employee. Use the words “you”, “we”, “us”, etc. instead of “this person”, “the ideal candidate”, etc. You want a person to read the ad and feel like you are talking to them and they are already part of your organization.

Save the job description for the interview or their first day – take it out of your ads. Go ahead, rewrite your ad and see the difference in the quality of candidates who apply.
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