Is Recruiting New People Getting You Frustrated?

Is Recruiting New People Getting You Frustrated?

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I see it time and time again. Business owners and managers getting frustrated over the recruitment process. The process of trying to figure out if a person is good fit for the company, position, and peers.

The entire process can feel long, time consuming, and with questionable results. Let’s review each step in the process and it’s function/goal.

Job Description.  This is needed to understand the position, main responsibilities, skills needed, and type of person who would be successful.

Job Ad.  This is how you will let people know you have a position you are looking to fill and it’s based on the job description.  This is different than the job description and should draw people to work for you. Remember, no one reads a job description on line and says “yes I want to do that” – it’s more like “yes, I can do that”. See the difference.

Resume Screening. While you can’t tell everything about a person from their resume, you can see if they have the 3 or 4 essential skills you need. Focus on the “absolute must have skills” at this point.

Phone Interview. Many times you can quickly tell if a person is a good fit for your company or not with a 15-20 phone screen. Use this time to understand who they are, their employment history, and how they work. For example: you need someone who is very organized, find out how they organize themselves.

In-Person Interviews.  This is where you dig into their actual knowledge, how they fit into the organization. A common theme is to have only the owner or hiring manager meet with the person. I would also suggest having them meet with someone on the team to learn more about the position and the company.

Is this what your recruitment process looks like? What’s missing? Is there one part you can fine tune?

What will you do today to recruitment easier and better for you in the future?

This is the basic structure or outline of the recruitment process. Each step can be fine tuned even further and customized to your business and size.  Want someone to put it together for you? Contact me at or 773.531.8199 to discuss.