Who Should I Trust to be Interviewing?

Who Should I Trust to be Interviewing?

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Are you the only person doing the interviewing? Do you have others on your team you trust? Don’t go it alone.  Have others help you, two or more brains are better than one.

The interview process is not only about you getting to know the candidate, it’s also about the people coming in and getting to know the company. You want people who will feel comfortable, enjoy their new position, and get along with everyone. It’s a tall order, so make it easier.

How do you accomplish both objectives without being overwhelmed?

Use a team approach.

Manager or Supervisor.  Have another manager or your supervisor or someone else who manages people to interview candidates. Their point of view will be from a leader’s perspective.

Co-worker.  Have someone who would be working with the candidate talk to them. Not so mulch an interview as a peer-to-peer discussion.  This is person who talk to them about what it’s like to work at the company, give insight into the position, etc.  The candidates typically will be more relaxed around this person, better to gain insight into their personality, values, and work ethic.

Receptionist/First point of contact.  Not an interview as much as seeing how they treat people.  I would always ask the receptionist if the person was polite, respectful, etc. Why? If they are rude or disrespectful to this person, how will they be will clients or co-workers?

You. Only after you have received positive reviews from everyone else, it’s your turn.

Using a team approach you will have a more well rounded view of the candidate and they will have a better view of the company.  Win-Win.