Are too small to have a dedicated Human Resources person? Still want answers to your questions?

Do you search google for answers about employee issues?

You have multiple roles in the business and HR is one more task.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have someone you could just call/email, ask your question and get the right answer.

That is what HR Helpline is about, giving you the answers when you need them.

Take advantage of over 25 years of experience in handling employment issues, compensation, benefits, terminations and much more.

This can be done on an as-needed basis or as a monthly membership.

Get the support you need when you need it.

You don’t have issues every day or every week. When you do have an issue or a question or a concern you want to talk to an expert. Not do a google search and hope it’s right.

If it relates to your people, we can help. For example: have a question about the latest law? Is an employee eligible for overtime? or how to challenge an unemployment claim…not a problem.We can guide you, tell you and give you peace of mind that only 25+ years of expertise can bring.
Call or email us your concern, question or doubt and within 4 (four) hours we will be back in touch to discuss and guide you for one fee.

Get it done right the first time and don’t have an issue drag out and distract you from running your business.

Let’s discuss your needs, contact us at [email protected]