Are you speaking your employee’s language?

Are you speaking your employee’s language?

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No, we are not talking about Spanish, French, Madrin or any other foreign language – although that also might be helpful. We are talking about the language of learning and understanding. Everyone learns three different ways:

  • Visual – by using our eyes, respond to diagrams, powerpoint
  • Auditory – by using our ears, respond to speaking things through
  • Kinesthetic – by using our hands, learns by doing

While we all can learn through these three ways, we have a predominate learning style. In other words – one style we prefer over the others. To speak the same language as another person is to use their favorite learning style.

How? Look for clues in their speech, writing, or other communication.  The visual learner will use words like “I see”, “let me draw a picture”, or “I see what you mean”.  The auditory learner will use words like “I hear you”, “can you say that again”, or “if I heard you correctly”.  The kinesthetic learner will say “let me try”, “can you walk me through this”, or “I need to do it, to understand it.”.

Once you understand their language – you can adapt how you speak or write to make yourself understood the first time.