Etiquette – is it a lost art?

Etiquette – is it a lost art?

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Growing up I remember my parents constantly telling me to say “please” or “thank you”. This is a lesson that has stuck with me through the years and I’m very insistent about it with my children. However, it seems to be a dying art form.
For example – after going out of my way to assist an employee, nothing. The help required several hours of work and the response…silence. Have we become either so ungrateful that we can’t say “thank you” or do we feel that others going out-of-the-way for us is expected? Not sure I like either option.
Do you see this in your workplace?

Do people say “thank you” or “please” to each other? Or is it all a demand?

Should this be accepted?

Is this why teamwork may be fading?

Is this why some have developed a “every person for themselves” attitude?

Is it affecting your team/company?
Looking forward to your thoughts, please!
Thank you