Focus HR – What Can We Do for You?

Focus HR – What Can We Do for You?

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What Can We Do For You?

Remember the excitement you experienced when you started your business?

Remember the thrill of having to hire your first employee?

Have you lost the excitement of having your own business?

Are you now frustrated with your employees?

At Focus HR we work with you on the people side of your business.  Your people define your business. They are the voice of the company through their contact with your clients/customers. You have high expectations and demand the best of yourself and each person working with you. However, through time your message and mission has been lost or diluted.

“Satisfied employees are more productive, innovative, and loyal”
Linking Employee Satisfaction with Productivity, Performance, and Customer Satisfaction by Corporate Executive Board, July 2003.

Your small business requires the best effort, effective teamwork, and productivity from your employees to succeed. It’s the people that are your competitive advantage and convincingly set you apart from your competition. Customers who are singing your praises will grow you company. Most entrepreneurs took the leap because of their passion and commitment to their product or service, not because they were experts in HR. Now as a leader you need to put your authentic leadership style to work and get the results you desire.

Our goal is to make “every leader a great people leader” and in turn will create a workplace that is a great place to work.

Our programs are scaled to meet your current needs and move you into a bright future where you are enjoying your work, your employees and your success.


Full HR consulting and coaching for all aspects of your business. A 6 month program.


Limited HR consulting and coaching for your business. A 6 month program.


Basic HR consulting and coaching for your business. A 3 month program.

Contact us to review which program is best suited for your needs.
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The Value of HR Support,

Bringing professional HR support into your business establishes the solid groundwork for growth – here are a few examples of the benefits of having HR in your company.

What you gain:

  • Better Hires – finding and on boarding employees who meet your needs and are good at what they do
  • Better Communication – creating a culture where employees understand expectations and company goals, provide constructive feedback, and are committed to the success of the business
  • Access to an expert in all the above plus:
    • benefits
    • compensation
    • training
    • employment law
    • leading people

What you avoid:

  • Costly Mistakes – no one wants a visit from or face charges from the Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
  • High Turnover – you lose time training new employees, unemployment costs increase, and you present a poor image to your customers
  • Hiring Mistakes – avoid hiring the person who is the great interview but bad employee
  • Termination Errors – working in an employment at-will state does not shield you from lawsuits