We interrupt your day…

We interrupt your day…

for a brief commercial message.

We are very excited to announce that Focus HR will be doing speaking engagements.  We have started with 5 topics we get a lot of questions about and interest in.  We hope you like them!  If you are interested in having us speak, please contact us at:  [email protected]

Speaking Topics

Employee Engagement:  They do their job – why isn’t it enough?

People live up to their job description but it’s not helping you grow or expand.  Your employees need to help you every step of the way, not by doing more but by caring more.  You need your employees understanding your business, your competitors, and what it takes to be successful. Can your employees do this? Absolutely – the question is “How?”.  Outcome:

  • Learn what is appropriate to communicate and when
  • How to engage employees beyond their daily tasks
  • Keeping it going, not losing the momentum
  • How to have a thriving business with excited employees

Leadership vs. Management: Isn’t it just another name for the same thing?

It seems some new consultant or business guru comes up with new names for the same old things.  Before we were supervisors then we became managers and now they call us leaders. Really is there a difference? Isn’t it all just semantics anyway? Yes there is a difference and no it’s not semantics.  Learn:

  • When to be a manager to get things done
  • When to be a leader to make a difference
  • How to become the leader you always wanted to be

Coaching Employees:  Can employees be like play-doh?

You remember play-doh from your childhood, the glob you could mold and change into anything your imagination could come up with.  If only you could do the same with employees. You may not be able to totally change them but you can mold them into your superstar.  How?  Learn:

  • How to coach your average performer
  • Make coaching “what you do”
  • Get your people involved in solution based coaching

Goal Setting: They just get forgotten after a month anyway

When you think of goals you probably have the same reaction as most – ugh! You set them and then after one month they are forgotten. So why bother? Why does that happen, probably because they don’t have value, meaning or relevance? Learn:

  • What are SMART goals
  • How to stay on track past the first month
  • Rewarding yourself along the way

Interviewing:  Why can’t I get good people?

Does is feel like you are constantly replacing people, they don’t stick around for long or they aren’t as good as they appear on paper? Well, there is a better way so you are only doing this when necessary (and only once). Learn:

  • How to sort through resumes and spot the first-rate ones
  • Phone interviewing tips that get you past what’s on the resume
  • In Person interviewing tips that help you spot the “no thank you’s”
  • Active listening to hear what they are really saying

Thank you and we now return you to your regularly scheduled program 🙂