The Unexpected can make us Happy!

The Unexpected can make us Happy!

Doing the unexpected for your employees can make them happy!

I know it sounds simple. Why does the execution have to be complicated?  It doesn’t.  Show your employees your appreciation by random acts. It’s ok if they are preplanned as well.

For example: It’s Friday, summer hot outside, and it was a good week.  Stop by the grocery store and pick up some ice cream, whipped cream and go all out with the sprinkles.  Once you get back to the office announce a Sundae break.  What do you think will be reaction of your employees? Happy, positive, thankful and possibly a little more inspired to do well the rest of the day.

As you can see this won’t cost much dollar wise, however what you receive back will be priceless.

This is just one example. Here’s another. 

When was the last time you sent a handwritten Thank You note to an employee, co-worker, supplier or anyone else you have contact with? Maybe the question should be – Do you remember how to hand write a thank you note? With email, it is becoming a lost art.  It’s unfortunate as this gesture puts a huge smile on their face. Taking the time to hand write a note shows you were willing to take the extra time and effort just for them. Wow!

Tell us about your unexepected random acts. Does the other person still remember?