Employee Surveys the good, the bad and the ugly

Employee Surveys the good, the bad and the ugly

Want to know what your employees are thinking? Want to ask them in a way that they will feel free to share without repercussions?  Do a survey!

Here’s the thing about surveys – know what you are getting into before you start.  In other words only ask if you really want to know and will take action on the feedback.  I know for some of you that seems obvious, just understand the good, the bad and the ugly of employee surveys. 

The Good: if you ask the questions, really review the answers and take action (where you can) – you have won the loyalty of your employees.  They now feel you are truely interested in what they have to say. Summarize the findings and pass it along, they will provide you feedback any time you ask for it.

The Bad: you ask the questions, but not the tough ones.  You are asking questions to show on the surface you have an interest – they can see through you.  No more sharing, a decrease in morale.  Or worse they think “OK, he got his ego boosted – now what”.

The Ugly: you ask the tough questions, you don’t look at the results and you don’t follow up.  No more sharing – not now or even when walking out the door to a new job.  You have lowered morale to its lowest point and will not take any future surveys or questions seriously.

If you have been in the bad and ugly category – you can recover but over time.  Start doing it right and they will come around.