Why Do I Want “Happy” Employees?

happy employees, engagement

Why Do I Want “Happy” Employees?

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happy employees, engagement

Sounds fluffy doesn’t it – happy employees…I mean really as a business owner or manager how can you influence someone happiness? Why does it matter if they are happy or not…isn’t it about the work?

Maybe “happy” is too subjective, after all what makes one person smile is different for another person. Let’s substitute “happy” for “engaged”. Engagement is:

“An emotional involvement or commitment to the company and the work”

Think about that means for you, your clients, and your business. It really puts “happy” in context, after all if a person is emotionally involved and committed doesn’t that mean they are happy? I would say yes.

What are the results you will get with “happy” engaged employees?

Happy Customers/Clients/Patients. People who like what they do will treat your customers better. When clients receive excellent service they come back. Patients who delighted with their results will tell others about you. Can you think of a better sales plan?

Teamwork. When people are surrounded by others who are enjoying what they do, they work together for the best results.

A great culture. Imagine a workplace where everyone is working towards the same goal, teamwork happens everyday, and recognition for good work happens…can you picture it. How do you think that will affect your business (and you)?

What about the facts? Statistically it has been proven (thank you Gallop & Harvard Business Review), companies with an engaged workforce have increased profitability by 22% and stock returns are 2-3% higher.

This is just the start.  What will you do today to create “happy” engaged employees?

Looking for assistance on this path? Reach out, would love to help you, I’m at [email protected] or 773.531.8199.